Class Notes, 27 Jan 2015

–Illegal alien: a person who enters the USA who doesn’t have citizenship (more derogatory, negative connotation

–illegal immigrant: not as much, more politically correct but still negative

–illegal alien/immigrant: doesn’t have to be the USA, could be another nation someone enters in without citizenship; not born where they are entering

–people who don’t have the Visa, I-20 (student visa); up-to-date permit status

–terms used for people the USA doesn’t want in the country

–people who don’t technically belong, may not have the paperwork or just weren’t born here.

–someone who wasn’t born where they are entering.

–somebody who doesn’t have a green card

–alien: somebody who comes from somewhere else

–immigrant: could have been born in the USA but could have citizenship somewhere else

–illegal alien: “alienated” not a part of the society; isolated, not allowed to be part of the society

–doesn’t have a green card or citizenship.

–illegal alien: categorized as not belonging

–illegal immigrant: somebody that migrated to different country illegally


*Watch this short history of the U.S. Border Patrol. Also watch “Immigrants for Sale.” (see syllabus online for links)

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