Mexington, Kentucky


A&S 100, Sec 009 / Spring 2015

T/R 3:30 PM-4:45 PM

Blazer 229


Course Description


This course will explore the Mexicanidad of Lexington, Kentucky—what we’ll call Mexington. The Mexican population of Lexington has grown by over 200% in the last two decades. Though Kentucky was not historically considered one of the traditional hubs of Mexican migration in the United States, this area of the South has experienced an increased regional presence of a transnational community with connections ranging from Baja California Norte to Chiapas. At the micro level, we will study local issues dealing with Mexican migration, activism, race, and representations in Mexington and Kentucky in general. At the macro level, we will seek to frame, conceptualize, interpret, and critique the transnational aspects of Mexicanidad in the United States and Mexico including aspects of migration to the “Nuevo South,” citizenship, detention, community building, and strategies of public rhetorics. There will be one field outing for the course (March 7), and a few meetings coinciding with campus events.


Learning Objectives for students will include:

–demonstrating an understanding of historical, societal, and cultural contact zones between the     United States and Mexico, such as those arising from race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality,    language, nationality, religion, political and ethical perspectives, and socioeconomic class.

–demonstrating a basic understanding of transnational influences in     issues of social justice, civic, and ethical responsibilities when composing research.

–becoming familiar with qualitative research and documentary methods.

–building upon skills of writing observations, informal writing, and analysis when composing a well-researched, focused academic argument.

–gaining familiarity with multimodal composition on a blogging platform.

–becoming aware of the MLA formatting and style standards and available resources available for reference.


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