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Week One

Jan 15—What is Mexington? La Voz de Kentucky. Introduction to WordPress: how to set-up your account Free-writing and selfie practice with Instagram: communities you belong to, and defining community. Also watching ImmersionBegin uploading images to Instagram (50 due next week). *Remember to tag all your Instagram photos/videos with the tag #MexKy


Latino Festival in Lexington, Kentucky


Sweet 15 in Kentucky


Homework: Read over the story “Andrés Cruz toasted as his La Voz newspaper turns 10” and story of Latinos in Kentucky and blog about three thoughts (one single post) about Mexicans as Latinos. What are the differences between Hispanics and Latinos? *Remember to tag all your Instagram photos/videos with the tag #MexKy


Week Two

Jan 20—Looking at La Voz, paper edition, in class. Reading images and popular representations. Differences in using terms Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano, Latino, Hispanic, Latin American . . .  Looking at demographics of Mexicans in Kentucky. Using searches in groups to define terms.


Homework: First set of IG posts due next class. You can respond to the BBC report below–

–or browsing Low Drone to finish the responses. Be sure to cite quotes from each source.


Jan 22—NO CLASS. First set 50 Instagram images due.


Homework: Continue to watch the film Lost in Detention.

*Transcript to episode available here.

Week Three

Jan 27—Discussion of border security, Department of Homeland Security. Also review: The video introduction to Corrections Corporation of America and the rhetoric of corporate corrections (Security and privatization of penitentiaries, defense money). Low Drone and also “How Do You Define American?”


Homework: Watch this short history of the U.S. Border Patrol. Also watch “Immigrants for Sale.”



Next set of IG posts due next class. ALEC Rock.



Jan 29—In-class, U.S. Border Patrol. Map of the detention boom. Distribute Santa Ana readings, begin reading his introduction section. Second set of 50 Instagram posts due *Friday Jan 30, 12PM.


Homework: Read “Latino Students at Lexington High School Wrote Book About Their U.S. Experiences.” Also read pages 1-11 of Brown Tide Rising. The password is: mexington


Week Four

Feb 3—Updating your WordPress blog. Discussion of Living Out Loud and Brown Tide Rising. Begin watching the film Inocente.


Homework: Assignment 1 due 2/7 (12PM)


Feb 5—Assignment 1 due (2/7), published as a page on WordPress. Continue with Inocente and look up her story now.


Homework: Assignment 1 due (2/7), published as a page on WordPress. Continue with Inocente and look up her story now.


Week Five

Feb 10—Respond to the reading and what you noticed about the event. Also watch the two scenarios from What Would You Do?Illegal Immigration” and “WWYD Hispanic Racism White Kids Attacking Mexican Man




Discussion of ethical scenarios from What Would You Do? Also review recent Executive Order concerning immigration. GUEST SPEAKER IN CLASS, everyone must have two questions to ask: not yes/no questions. 


Homework: Watch Crude Harvest.



Feb 12—Working on WordPress blogs, MLA formatting, and #oaxaca.

Homework: Watch Crude Harvest.

Also begin reading “Alexis Meza Recounts 13-Hour Walk Across the Desert Toward Her American Dream.” Also watching “WWYD? – Rinky Dink Security Guard Demands Proof Of American Citizenship Of Random Mexicans!”




Week Six

Feb 17—Listening to the narrative “We Go to Cemeteries Along the Border.” Reviewing the migration trails and beginning to listen to This American Life.


Homework: Read Shadows Then Light. Next 50 IG posts due 2/19.


Feb 19—NO CLASS. Third set of 50 Instagram images due.


Homework: Complete reading Shadows Then Light and Santa Ana reading.


Week Seven

Feb 24— Documented/undocumented. Continue with Santa Ana reading. Discussing Shadows Then Light Watching The Dream is Now. Metaphors of “dream” Americans, over-achievers and military bodies.


Homework: Watch Kentucky Presente! Footage of the Kentucky Dream Coalition.


Feb 26—Review Kentucky Presente! WRD research website about the Village Branch Library. Also Univision at the VBPL in “Little Mexington en Kentucky.”


Also reviewing border fashion “Mexican Pointy Boots.”



Homework: Watch “Breaking into the USA.”


**Feb. 27—Dr. Otto Santa Ana lecture.


Week Eight

Mar 3—Reviewing semester material and discussion about final project. Begin watching Crossing Mexico’s Other Border.



Homework: Watch first parts of Precious Knowledge. *Assignment 2 due 3/6


Mar 5—Assignment 2 due published as page on your WordPress site. Review scenes from Precious Knowledge as well as the response from The Daily Show.



and also watch protest in southern Arizona.




Homework: Finish watching Precious Knowledge. Work on your final project.


Field outing to Mexington. Bakery and Village Branch Library.

Date: Saturday, 3/7/2015

Name: Excursion to Mexington.

Time: 10:00AM-12:00 PM. We will leave from outside Champions Court and return to the same location.


Week Nine

Mar 10—Discussion of Mexican Deportees and Outsourced Labor and ethnic studies in Arizona.



Homework: Next set of IG posts due next class.


Mar 12—Next set of 30 Instagram images due. Reading from Living Out Loud.


Homework: Continue reading from the book, and focus on two important texts and be ready to discuss them in class. Also watch Narco Music is the Soundtrack to the Mexican War on Drugs



Week Ten




Week Eleven

Mar 24—Continue with discussion of the article, its style, and also key passages from your reading of the text. Working toward your final projects. Begin reading Living Out Loud 1-46).


Homework: Begin reading in-class “The Sociopolitical Dynamics of Mexican Immigration in Lexington, Kentucky 1997-2002: An Ambivalent Community Responds” (distributed to class) Begin drafting your final assignment proposal. Bring a draft of your proposal to next class, one paragraph maximum. You must include your argument.


Mar 26—Drafting your assignments, sharing work with classmates. Also opening class with this short investigation The Missing 43.



Homework: Continue drafting the assignment. Finish reading Living Out Loud.


Week Twelve

Mar 31—Class meeting at *6-8pm in Worsham Theatre for Cesar Chavez event and reading.


Homework: Complete Assignment 3


Apr 2—Final discussions about Living Out Loud. Assignment 3 due 7PM, published as a page on your blog.


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